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How to Save on Jewelry

They say “you do not need to be rich to sparkle”.  There is no denying jewelry makes the perfect accessory & statement. Jewelry is personable, popular, glamorous and can be affordable. With the large variety of jewelry metals and gemstones out there, saving on jewelry takes many ways.

Save on Precious Metals

How to save on jewelry
Precious Metals Lady
When it comes to metals polished silver have similar look to 18K white gold or platinum without breaking the bank. With silver, you can acquire brand name jewelry like Tiffany’s or Channel without paying the high prices of gold or platinum. A second alternative is lower the gold karat. Use 14K gold instead of 18K gold and save 23%, for jewelry heavy on gold like chains opt for 10K gold and save %45 of 18K gold price. Additionally, in some jewelry designs like pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings you can choose hollow gold and save considerably on the weight of gold. Another popular jewelry material to help you avoid gold prices is black and brown silk thread. They come in neutral colors, and they are widely used in necklaces and bracelets. Silk strands look fantastic for several styles such as casual, BOHO, tribal, surf and eclectic styles.

Save on Gemstones

Consider pearls, they are the most popular gemstone
When it comes to jewelry money savings in gemstones, pearls take the lead. Natural pearls are probably the most popular gemstone worldwide.  Pearls are elegant, natural, have a warm touch, an exhilarating natural shine and they come in a broad range of colors.
Pink pearls jewelry from
Pink Pearls Jewelry -
Besides white, natural pearls come in purple, pink, golden & black. You can choose to have pearls in earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets or a whole pearls necklace; evidently using the precious metal of your choice.
Small Gems are strong together
Diamonds are all priced per carat. Diamond prices per carat increase as you move up to higher carat weight. For example, the price of a 0.25 ct princess cut diamond is $336.00; the price of 1 carat diamond of the same grade actually is $3,588.00. That is 4 times bigger and 10 times more expensive. Ask your jewelry to put 4 small diamonds like 0.25ct each together to make one carat diamond, in this case the price will be $1,344 instead of $3,588 for 1 ct single stone; for a savings of %62. Besides diamonds you can combine small gemstones to get the weight and look of a bigger gemstone for a number of expensive gemstones like sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

Save on Diamonds

save on diamonds
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Girl’s best friend comes with a price. Diamonds get all the glamour, fame and are traditionally desirable; which comes with hefty price tag. Luckily; there are ways to get around the high prices of diamonds. Diamonds are meticulously rated on the 4 Cs; which are color, carat, cut and clarity. By lowering some of these diamond rating criteria you can save big on natural diamonds. Another way is choose a natural diamond alternative like moissanite, topaz, or lab grown diamonds.  Moissanite is about 10-20% of the price of a comparable diamond yet brings a surprisingly similar look. Moissanite is more brilliant than diamonds, nevertheless is not traditionally symbolic as diamonds. Topaz as a diamond substitute is inexpensive, less durable and less brilliant than diamond. Topaz is a great diamond substitute for jewelry that is less likely to get scratched like earrings and pendants, not so much as for rings since rings are more likely to get bumped.

Lab Diamond is a Diamond

Another alternative to natural diamonds is lab grown diamonds. Unlike other natural diamond substitutes, lab grown diamonds are made of pure carbon just like the natural diamonds.  Lab grown diamonds don’t have the long geological history natural diamonds have.  Other diamond substitutes are cubic zirconia, sapphire and treated diamonds.

Save on Brand Name Jewelry

Brand name jewelry is extremely popular. It makes a statement, have consistent quality and shows status as fast as the glare in jewelry. The mean time brand name jewelry comes with heafty price . Overall, Some brand name jewelry costs more than 5 times the price of a similar standard jewelry. The silver lining is there are many ways to save on brand name jewelry.
Think pre-owned brand name jewelry
Pre-owned brand jewelry can save you more than %50 of the retail price. Jewelers inspect rigorously brand jewelry they carry. They give the jewelry a good overhaul before they put it up for sale. Furthermore, most jewelers guarantee the authenticity of the brand jewelry they sell.
Alternatives still brand name jewelry
High end jewelry retailers like Tiffany and Ben Bridge nowadays use inexpensive material such as  turquoise, tourmaline and amethyst to make jewelry. Thus
Tiffany bead bracelet
Bead Bracelet -
 bring the brand to a broader crowd. In terms of precious metals, cheaper metals are quite popular; the list includes sterling silver, leather and silk strands. When it comes to gemstones savings you can find major jewelry brand pieces made of inexpensive gems like pearls, amethyst and turquoise.
Save on jewelry online
When it comes to saving money when shopping for jewelry online, several options cyber exist.
1. Big name boxes, then select Jewelry under $250, then select Gifts under $299, then select Jewelry category like earrings, then filter by price.
2. Small businesses, then select category, then filter by price , For jewelry with tropical twist,  For jewelry with artistic touch

Overall, try to buy real material gold or silver, real gemstones (pearls, topaz & amethyst). Genuine jewelry looks fabulous longer and keeps you safe from allergy reactions. Happy jewelry savings.

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